Let's talk about Lean.

When we hear about Lean we usually know two areas: Remove waste and continuous improvement. The Lean concepts originated from the manufacturing industry. Most of the DevOps concepts have been derived from Lean. So can we say :

DevOps = Lean Product development + Lean Manufactoring

Lean Product development: Design + development + Testing

Lean Manufactoring: Deployment + Support + Monitor.

Product development is High uncertain and Highly non-predictable, while Lean manufacturing is Highly predictable and repeatable.

*** What do you with things that are repeatable?. That's right — we Automate.

In general, Lean manufacturing is for improving operational performance. Below are some principles of Lean that you can as it is applied to DevOps.

Removing Waste

Continuous Improvement (Kaizen)

Radical change (Kaikuku)

Embrace Failure

Small Batches

Prefer Pull